Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan suggested that President Obama "show[ed] weakness" in the administration response to the embassy attacks yesterday, and he said the United States needs the "president [to] speak with a singular voice" in the face of such crises.

"Peace through strength works," Ryan replied when asked at a Wisconsin town hall how a Romney-Ryan administration would handle such issues as the embassy attacks.  "It is very important that a president speak with a singular voice representing our principles and our values," he continued, in keeping with Mitt Romney's claim that Obama's adminstration sent "mixed messages" in how they responded to the attacks. "We don't want people around the world wondering what our values are. We believe in individual rights -- and particularly in the Middle East we believe in women's rights. That is very important. We believe in plurality, tolerance, religious freedom. So it's important that people know who we are and what we believe and the values we're going to stand up for."

In particular, the Republican ticket has faulted Obama for the rather apologetic, conciliatory statement released by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo in response to outrage over an American-made film criticizing the prophet Mohammed.

Ryan suggested that Obama had shown "weakness" in making this statement and thus unintentionally encouraged such attacks. "If you show weakness, if you show moral equivocation, then foreign policy adventurism among our adversaries will increase," Ryan said. "We do not want a world climate where our adversaries are so tempted to test us and our allies are worried about trusting us. And that is, unfortunately, the path we are on right now and I really worry about that."