House Speaker Paul Ryan said President Trump's decision to end Obamacare insurer payments was the right call as it preserves the House's congressional authority over federal spending.

Trump announced late Thursday it would end the payments that reimburse insurers for lowering out-of-pocket costs for low-income Obamacare customers. The White House said the reason is the payments are unconstitutional, and it cited a lawsuit filed in 2014 by Ryan's predecessor, John Boehner.

The lawsuit said that the payments were unlawful because the Obama administration bypassed Congress when it made them, when they should have required a congressional appropriation. A federal judge agreed with the House last year, but she stayed the ruling until after the presidential election.

The Trump administration had been delaying whether to drop an appeal from the Obama administration to the ruling.

"Today's decision by the Trump administration to end the appeal of that ruling preserves a monumental affirmation of Congress's authority and the separation of powers," Ryan said. "Obamacare has proven itself to be a fatally flawed law, and the House will continue to work with Trump administration to provide the American people a better system."

He added that the House would continue to work with the Trump administration to create a better system.