House Speaker Paul Ryan called on conservatives to stop attacking each other in an interview published Friday night.

Republicans should "stop the circular firing squad of the conservative movement and work with each other," the Wisconsin Republican told the Blaze, a news outlet founded by conservative commentator Glenn Beck.

After replacing John Boehner as House speaker in the fall, Ryan has come under fire as a member of the GOP establishment from some conservative publications and candidates.

Ryan who rose to prominence as a conservative policy advocate within the GOP, said that those criticisms highlight progress conservatives have made in the party.

"The fact that I, who was a pariah to the establishment, am now considered the establishment tells me that conservatives have basically taken over," Ryan said. "And when I was in the wilderness fighting earmarks and fighting for budget reform, we were the pariahs. Now we are in leadership roles."

He said he does not take the criticisms personally.

Attacks on Ryan increased after the speaker reached a budget compromise with Democrats late last year. GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has called Ryan unintelligent and weak, and said that he wouldn't have backed him for speaker.

In turn, Ryan broke his self-imposed restriction on commenting on primary politics to fault Trump's proposal to place a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

One of the issues dividing Ryan from some conservatives is Ryan's support for some reform of immigration laws. In his interview with the Blaze, Ryan dismissed Trump's proposal to deport all illegal immigrants, saying that it could lead to the rise of a police state.