House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday pledged to pass a spending bill for fiscal 2018 by the end of December, and dismissed the idea of taking up a short-term measure that would keep the government fully operating for just a few months.

Ryan, R-Wis., said the House may first have to pass a weeks-long spending bill to provide government funding beyond a Dec. 8 deadline, after which the chamber will take up a year-long, fiscal 2018 bill.

"We're not talking about going into next year, we are talking about getting it done this year," Ryan said.

Republicans have become increasingly opposed to short-term spending plans in part because military leaders say the fiscal uncertainty it causes has harmed readiness.

Ryan said military readiness is a top reason Republicans plan to take up a year-long spending bill in December.

"We might need a little more time to give the appropriators time to write their bill but we don't intend on going into next year," Ryan said.