House Speaker Paul Ryan has seen a dramatic drop in his approval ratings, and now has the same net unfavorability rating as President Trump, according to survey data published Tuesday.

The Bloomberg survey found more people view Ryan negatively than they do positively. The survey found 48 percent hold a negative view of Ryan compared to 34 percent that view him positively, for a net rating of -14.

Comparatively, 55 percent have a negative view of Trump, and 41 percent have a favorable view, which also puts him at -14.

Ryan saw a bigger drop in his favorability rating than Trump and the Republican Party over the last six months. In a few short months Ryan has seen his favorability go from 47 percent in December to 34 percent in Bloomberg's latest survey.

The Republican Congress has failed to keep major promises so far, including repealing Obamacare and ushering in tax reform. But Ryan's House has gotten much closer than the GOP Senate, for example, by passing an Obamacare replacement bill, while the Senate GOP this week was forced to admit it wouldn't be able to pass anything.

While Ryan still holds a 61 percent positive view among Republicans, his approval among his own party has also seen a drop. In Bloomberg's December survey, Ryan held a 67 percent favorable view among his own party.

"It's unusual to see this big a flip, especially for a guy who is somewhat behind the scenes," said pollster J. Ann Selzer, who conducted Bloomberg's survey. "But he's in charge of Congress and Congress is not delivering."