House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., took a photo with a man dressed in a shirt characterizing the American Health Care Act as "Repeal and go f—- yourself."

Twitter user @minnywisconsin posted a photo of himself standing next to an apron-clad Ryan Saturday wearing a shirt reading "Repeal and go f-ck yourself — GOP," where an American flag replaces the "u."

The shirt is a quote from the podcast Pod Save America, which is hosted by former White House staffers during President Obama's time in office.

The podcast's hosts have been critical of the Republican healthcare reform plans and have characterized the bill as heartless.

Democrats have criticized the bill because an independent analysis from the Congressional Budget Office showed a previous version of the legislation could remove 24 million people from health insurance by 2026. The office has not released an analysis of the bill that passed the House on Thursday.

Republicans voted in favor of the bill because it removes Affordable Care Act taxes they believe are hurting businesses and families, and it would return more power to the states. GOP lawmakers have promised no one will lose coverage due to the bill and pre-existing illnesses will be covered under the legislation.

The latest analysis of the bill is due next week.