House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Friday that he hopes the Senate is able to pass a healthcare bill by mid-July, calling it a "completely logical and reasonable" goal for the chamber.

Ryan made the remarks to WISN 1130 in Wisconsin, saying that he hopes the Senate bill passes "within a month or two." The House passed the American Health Care Act last Thursday by a 217-212 vote.

"I stopped trying to predict what the Senate is going to do a long time ago," Ryan said initially to host Vicki McKenna. "My hope is that they do it within a month or two. I think that that's completely logical and reasonable."

"We've exhausted these issues in the House. They're doing the same thing in the Senate, and we've worked with a lot of our friends in the Senate on this already. So my hope and goal is that they get this done sooner rather than later, and that's within a month or so," Ryan said.

Ryan said he wouldn't set any "artificial deadline" when he was asked about the House's progress on tax reform. He indicated that the House may be able to get a bill passed by the end of summer, but predicted it would pass entirely by the end of the year.

"I would like to say yes on by summer, but I'm not going to put an artificial deadline on it. I think clearly by fall. We have set for ourselves a deadline of getting it done in calendar year 2017," Ryan said. "If it were only the House, I think we probably could get it done by the end of the summer, but it takes the Senate a little longer to just process legislation — that's long been the case."

"We're not going to put an artificial deadline on it other than get it done in 2017 so it is up and running by the time New Year's Day 2017 comes around," he said.