House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Monday that tax reform should be easier to pass than healthcare reform, which has no clear path forward after it failed in the Senate.

"I believe it's going to be far easier for us to do tax reform than it was, say, for healthcare reform," Ryan told CNN during a town hall in Racine, Wisconsin. He pointed specifically to the inability to include measures in the healthcare bill because of Senate rules, including medical liability reform and interstate shopping.

"Tax reform is different," he said.

Lately, Ryan has been striking an optimistic tone on the potential for tax reform in the coming months despite strife that has plagued healthcare in past months since the House passed the American Health Care Act.

In a recent interview, Ryan said that unlike during the healthcare debate, there is "consensus" among the party on tax reform, despite divisions early on over Ryan's proposed border-adjustment tax. That proposal has been shelved after an outcry from many within Republican circles on Capitol Hill.

Ryan also called on the Senate to pass a healthcare reform package when they return to Washington from August recess.

"Doing nothing really isn't an option," Ryan said. "Honestly, the Senate has to get back and keep at it. What I've been telling our friends in the Senate: get back to work, get a bill passed. We will meet you in conference in figure things out, but we can't take no for an answer."