House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is set to release a spending plan Tuesday that Republican leaders say would balance the budget in 10 years.

As the Washington Examiner's Susan Ferrechio reported March 21, the plan is likely to build off his fiscal 2012 and 2013 proposals, with the addition of new reforms to the nation's growing social welfare programs. In a 204-page report issued in March, Ryan said the hundreds of federal programs for the poor included overlaps and waste and has "actually created a poverty trap."

The release sets up a Wednesday vote in the House on a budget resolution that will give President Obama exactly what he repeatedly has said he wants from Republicans: an alternative plan to "move the country forward" on which he can negotiate.

April Fool. He's not going to do that. The Democrats are already making plans to use Ryan's proposals to change the subject from Obamacare and excite their base for November's midterms, while denying it the Senate vote it needs to be enacted.

For them, it's about winning the next election.

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