Paul Ryan is headed to the Pacific Northwest this week to promote tax reform, his office announced Monday, to tout an overhaul of the tax code at the factories of Boeing and Intel.

The House Speaker is also slated to hold a CNN town hall Monday night in his home state of Wisconsin.

This week's events will be a continuation of Ryan's tour to highlight the Republican effort to enact tax reform with President Trump. Previously, he ventured to the New Balance factory in Massachusetts and spoke at the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington.

Republicans haven't yet unveiled legislation to replace the tax code, but the tax-writing committees are working toward that goal during the August recess. With Trump, congressional leaders have agreed on a broad set of shared goals. Last week, House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady delivered a speech at the Reagan Ranch in Southern California promising tax reform.

Conservative and business groups are also involved in the effort with ad campaigns and activism. The conservative group American Action Network said that it would air ads highlighting the need for tax reform during CNN's broadcast Monday night and have a mobile billboard on the ground in Racine.

Republicans expect to take up tax reform after returning to D.C. next month, and say they will fare better than they did in their attempts to replace Obamacare because of the party-wide agreement on reducing tax rates.