House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday said President Trump's speech Wednesday on tax reform was exactly what he wanted to hear on the subject.

"The president's speech is music to my ears. I mean, it's exactly what we need to do," Ryan told radio host Laura Ingraham on Thursday morning. "We're passing the very bill the president is asking us to pass and keeping it clean to that, here in the House."

On Wednesday evening, Trump rallied support for his administration's tax proposal before a working-class audience at a truck company in Pennsylvania.

Ryan said House GOP leadership worked with the White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to create a proposal they all support, but said he won't use leverage against McConnell after the Senate failed to approve other House bills. Instead, Ryan will ram through tax reform through the annual reconciliation process.

"The reason we are so excited and bullish on tax reform is because we're going to use the tool, which is about once a year to get to use this thing called reconciliation, where they can't filibuster," Ryan said.

The push for tax reform comes as Puerto Rico is asking Congress for more money to recover from Hurricane Maria, which hit the U.S. territory more than three weeks ago.

Ryan told Ingraham it was not possible to add reforms or entitlements to the relief package because it only allows for discretionary spending.