For the first time since Gallup began asking about Rep. Paul Ryan in 2012, when he ran for vice president, the Wisconsin lawmaker has a higher disapproval than approval rating, according to the polling firm.

"Amid the collapse of the Affordable Care Act repeal in the U.S. House of Representatives, Paul Ryan's image is taking a hit — 39 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the House speaker, down nine percentage points from November. Ryan's unfavorable rating has increased 12 points, and his image is more negative than positive for the first time since Gallup first asked about him in 2012," said the firm.

Ryan, who became speaker in October 2015, remains very popular among his team and in his district. He is also shattering fundraising records and providing the National Republican Congressional Committee with millions each quarter.

But the attention he received during the Obamacare repeal fight appears to have dinged his image as an achiever.

Gallup also offered another reason: the constant war inside the GOP.

"It is also possible that this decline is the result of the hyper partisan dealings in Congress since Trump's inauguration. With Ryan emerging as Trump's most visible supporter in Congress, Democrats who never fully embraced Ryan have become even less supportive," said Gallup.

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