America is rapidly becoming a First Amendment-free zone, thanks to the growing power of the PC police in the media and on campus and among Big Green environmentalists in the nonprofit community.

American University adjunct professor and veteran self-described "progressive activist" Caleb Rossiter is the latest victim, thanks to an article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal opinion pages questioning global warming.

Rossiter's sin was describing global warming as an "unproved science" and advocating that developing African nations be allowed to adopt the same "all-of-the-above" energy policies as the U.S. follows.

No time for free speech

Rossiter's reward was to be terminated as an associate fellow by the Institute for Policy Studies. Despite his 23-year relationship with IPS, Rossiter was fired via email.

“I have tried to get them to discuss and explain their rejection of my analysis,' Rossiter told Climate Depot's Marc Morano, who broke the story last week.

“When I countered a claim of ‘rapidly accelerating’ temperature change with the [UN] IPCC’s own data’, showing the nearly 20-year temperature pause — the best response I ever got was ‘Caleb, I don’t have time for this,’” Rossiter said.

Shut up or else!

Then there's George Will, the Pulitzer Prize winning conservative opinion columnist for the Washington Post who has attracted the ire of the radical feminist department of the PC cops.

Will made the mistake of voicing his view that progressive sexual mores have led to the "rape culture" on many American campuses.

That prompted outraged protests and demands for Will's firing from UltraViolet, a heretofore little-known feminist group.

“In the face of a national epidemic of sexual violence, The Washington Post should take a stand against rape – starting by firing George Will,” UltraViolet said in a news release.

These are mainstream lefties

UltraViolet's founder is Nita Chaudhary. And who is Nita Chaudhary? She is the wife of Jesse Lee, the Obama White House's director of progressive media and online response.

Chaudhary is also a former campaign director and former Democratic National Committee online director.

These things are happening because, as the Washington Examiner's T. Becket Adams noted, "because we won't be able to grow and mature as a society until we have silenced all opinions and worldviews that differ from our own. Conform."

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