A Peace Corps employee made money by negotiating discounted tire services for government-owned vehicles, submitting inflated invoices and pocketing the difference, the corps' internal watchdog said in a report.

The embezzling employee, whose name was blacked out in an inspector general's report, took Peace Corps vehicles to the same maintenance shop for about two years, working out informal discounts for services that averaged about 20 percent.

He used a cash advance to pay for the work, then faked the invoices to reflect the non-discounted price, according to an investigation by the Peace Corps' IG.

The employee submitted 26 such invoices, according to the report. Names, dates and locations were redacted. The investigation, completed in early 2014, was prompted by another employee's hotline complaint.

"This practice allowed [the employee] to close out each cash advance by submitting the inflated invoices and retaining the amount of each unwritten discount," the IG report said.

The estimated amount he embezzled was also redacted.

The employee committed multiple crimes, according to the IG, including theft, false claims and and false statements.

But the Department of Justice declined to prosecute him in favor of unspecified "administrative remedies" by the Peace Corps.