Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said in her latest op-ed that a big problem for Hillary Clinton is something she can do nothing about: her grating voice.

"Democrats who like her all say the same thing: She's having trouble because she's not really good at campaigning," Noonan wrote. "That's true as far as it goes. She is especially poor at the podium, where, when she wants to emphasize an applause line, her voice becomes loud, flat and harassing to the ear."

Noonan went on to compare Clinton to an irritating landlord.

"She lately reminds me of the landlady yelling up the stairs that your kids left their bikes in the hall again," she wrote. "Literally that's how it sounds: 'And we won't let them roll back the progress we've made. Your kids left their bikes in the hall."

Clinton has long been described as a stiff politician, lacking the interpersonal skills of her former president husband, Bill Clinton. In her second campaign for the White House, her main rival for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders is widely seen as more "authentic," striking a populist tone with the party's base.

Clinton is leading Sanders by a wide margin nationally but the two are much closer in the early primary states Iowa and New Hampshire, states Sanders is now leading according to new polls out this week.