Peggy Noonan, conservative columnist and former Reagan speechwriter, said congressional Republicans should start speaking out when they think President Trump says something objectionable, even if it means losing their jobs.

In a new op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Noonan said Republicans "do not owe him a thing" when it comes to covering for his often controversial statements.

"Staffers and Hill people have mostly felt personally, professionally and politically obliged to refrain from criticizing the tweets," she said. "They should stop feeling that way. They should not try to explain and defend. It does them no good — and it does him no good."

Noonan said staffers should "throw yourself on the grenade" and rebuke Trump if he says something they can't reasonably defend, because "it will help" the president in the long term.

Perhaps the biggest controversy of Trump's administration started with his tweet in early March that he was wiretapped by former president Obama. The GOP in Congress was left scrambling to find evidence to back up the charge and spent weeks answering questions from a critical news media.