Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said a White House staff shakeup that President Trump is reportedly considering is unlikely to fix his problems.

In an op-ed published Thursday night, Noonan said Trump is in need of an intervention by congressional Republicans and that White House dysfunction is Trump's fault alone.

"It is absurd to think the president can solve his problems by firing his staff," she wrote. "They are not the problem. He is the problem. They're not the A-Team, they're not the counselors you'd want, experienced and wise. They're the island of misfit toys. But they could function adequately if he could lead adequately."

"For months he's told friends he's about to make big changes, and doesn't. Why? Maybe because talented people on the outside don't want to enter a poisonous staff environment just for the joy of committing career suicide," she wrote. "So he's stuck, surrounded by people who increasingly resent him, who fear his unpredictably and pique and will surely one day begin to speak on the record."

Trump has reportedly placed blame on his communications wing for failing to properly defend him from intensely critical news reports, and it is believed he is considering replacing press secretary Sean Spicer.

In recent days, Trump has faced heightened scrutiny following reports that suggest he may have interfered in an FBI investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia.

"It would be good," Noonan wrote in her column, "if top Hill Republicans went en masse to the president and said: 'Stop it. Clean up your act. Shut your mouth. Do your job. Stop tweeting. Stop seething. Stop wasting time. You lost the thread and don't even know what you were elected to do anymore. Get a grip.'"