The Democratic congressman challenging Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for the House opposition leader said he's gunning for the top spot because it's time to start winning again.

Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, said Friday he doesn't necessarily have a problem with Pelosi personally, but doesn't have confidence in her ability to stem the tide of Democratic losses in the lower chamber.

Ryan told MSNBC that Democrats have lost 68 seats in the House since 2010 and now face the largest gap between Republican and Democratic seats since just before the Great Depression.

"We're not winning and it's time for a change. We got shellacked Tuesday, but go back to 2010, 2012 we didn't win enough seats," Ryan said. "If that's not a call for doing something differently, I don't know what that is."

Speaking on CNN, Ryan said he would be able to go into working class districts around the country and tell those voters that Democrats are working for them.

Ryan said the Democratic message isn't connecting with many working class people. He said it's time for Democrats to stop "slicing … the pie" and appeal to all Americans.

"Part of it is our message isn't connecting with working class folks," Ryan said. "Black folks, brown folks, white folks, gay, straight, rich, poor, black. We have to have a message that connects with everybody."

"Sometimes as Democrats we kind of slice that pie up like this interest group, that interest group. Look, we're Americans. We can come together around an economic message that provides opportunity for everybody and that message resonates with people."