House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calf., said Thursday that she does not blame foreign nations for not sharing information with the United States after President Trump reportedly shared classified information with Russian officials last week.

"Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you be nervous?" Pelosi said. "This is... a discipline. This is something you have to be with on a regular, daily basis if you're president of the United States, and you have to understand that words weigh a ton."

"So what the president did not only possibly jeopardizes an individual operation, but undermines trust that foreign countries would have in sharing information with us," Pelosi said.

Pelosi said the Trump White House needs "some adult supervision" after he shared the information and called the White House "unruly, undisciplined, unreliable, and unsafe." And she said Trump needs to have "thick skin," after Trump tweeted Thursday morning that the investigation into his potential ties to Russia is the "single greatest witch hunt" of a politician in U.S. history.

"You've got to have thick skin. Get some thick skin, okay? We're talking frivolous now here in terms of what he says about how he characterizes any legitimate question about his outrageous and potentially dangerous behavior to the American people," she said.