Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is not only resonating with the public, he seems to be winning over House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi, of California, told reporters on Thursday that Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, is campaigning on issues that are also top priorities for House Democrats, including a plan to eliminate college tuition and raise the minimum wage.

"What he is proposing is what we have been talking about," Pelosi said. "Bigger paychecks, more affordability in education, many of the subjects that are our reason for being here in Congress."

Pelosi made the comments as Sanders' poll numbers continue to climb.

A new Quinnipiac University poll showed Sanders and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a statistical tie in Iowa. Sanders garnered 41 percent of the vote, and Clinton was just behind him at 40 percent. Other polls show him closing in or surpassing Clinton.

Pelosi defended Clinton's decision to apologize for setting up a personal email server in her home during her tenure as secretary of state, and said she has "confidence" that Clinton never sent or received classified emails.

"I never doubted her on it but since it has become a fascination with the press, she would be smart to put it behind," she said.

Pelosi has not endorsed a candidate, but Sanders served with Pelosi in the House before winning a Senate seat and is more politically aligned with her liberal stance on spending and social welfare programs.

Pelosi told reporters she hasn't picked a favorite candidate, in part because the campaign for the Democratic nomination is in the early stages.

"It's fun to follow politics, but again I have confidence in Hillary Clinton and there are any number of great people in our party who could also run for president," she said.

Pelosi said Vice President Joe Biden has not talked to her about his potential bid for the White House. Biden plans to announce his decision in a matter of weeks.

"He's never spoken to me about it," Pelosi said "Isn't that interesting? And I speak to him quite a bit."