Updated, 1:55 p.m.: Metro finished its investigation and cleanup of the Fort Totten outbound track after Monday's suicide attempt there and restored normal service on the Green and Yellow Lines as of about 1:44 p.m. Yellow Line trains are running to Fort Totten again, after turning around at Mt. Vernon Square, and Green Line trains are no longer taking turns sharing a single track. Still, Metro spokesman warned that riders could experience about 20-minute delays in the aftermath. The suicide attempt occurred just before 12:07 p.m., according to D.C. Fire & EMS.


Updated, 12:55 p.m.: The man who jumped into the path of a Green Line train was conscious when taken to a local hospital, according to Metro. The white male was found right below the platform, not under the train, said D.C. Fire & EMS spokesman Battalion Chief Brian Lee. He was taken to MedStar with serious injuries.


Updated, 12:40 p.m.: Authorities believe the man hit by a Green Line train Monday intentionally jumped into the path of the train, according to Metro. That makes the case the 11th attempt so far this year in which people have been struck by trains; five of them have died. The most recent incident was on Dec. 3.

Metro started a public education campaign and hotline this fall to try to intervene and prevent such suicides. It also has been training station managers and train operators on ways to help stop the deaths that cause emotional trauma to riders and employees, in addition to delays.


A person was struck by a Green Line train midday Monday, according to Metro, shutting down one track at Fort Totten.

The incident happened around noon on the outbound Green Line tracks at the station.

Initial reports indicated the person was alive, said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

A rider reported on Twitter that the person had jumped in front of the train.

Metro is forcing all trains to share a single track between Georgia Ave and West Hyattsville stations amid the rescue, leading to delays along the line. It also is turning around Yellow Line trains at the Mt Vernon Square station instead of running to Fort Totten.