It’s pretty often that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals rains on America's eating habits on major holidays. Think Thanksgiving turkey and Easter ham. Boo.

Now comes their Halloween message. But this time the fur-friendly group isn’t scaring parents or trick-or-treaters with its vegan theme.

“There are so many candies to choose from that are free of animal products,” said PETA's Washington office communications director Colleen O'Brien.

She said that many candies contain animal byproducts. The most obvious one is milk, but some gelatin treats contain animal bones and food coloring is sometimes made up from bugs. Horrors.

O’Brien suggested the following popular — and vegan — candies for homes to give out on Halloween (and she even sent some to the Examiner):

– Mike and Ike

– Dots

– Sour Patch Kids

– Twizzlers

– Jolly Ranchers

– Airheads

– Swedish Fish

– Skittles

– Blow Pops

– Smarties

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