As Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fights through several mini-scandals, her approval rating has been skidding, sending her "favorability" rating to a seven-year low.

In a new report, Pew Research Center said that her rating crossed the 50 percent mark this month and now sits at 49 percent. It was lower, at 48 percent, way back in May 2008 when she was being pushed out of the presidential race by then Sen. Barack Obama.

It has been a steady fall from the 66 percent favorable rating she had as secretary of state in November 2009.

Pew's report provided a graph of her favorability ratings dating back to when she was the first lady of Arkansas and before her husband Bill Clinton was elected president.

Of her recent numbers, Pew said: "Hillary Clinton's favorability rating has fallen since last August, when 58 percent had a favorable impression of her and 41 percent held an unfavorable view. Today, views of Clinton are divided: 49 percent have a favorable opinion of the former secretary of state; 47 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

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