The Prince George's County Police Department has won a special award for its commitment to keeping county roads safe.

The award came from the Washington Regional Alcohol Program, or WRAP, for the department's special achievements in stopping drugged and drunken driving, as well as stopping underage drinking.

"This year's recipient of the WRAP's 2012 Law Enforcement Award was an easy choice if just for the sea change, which has occurred in this law enforcement agency's approach and energies targeted toward the prevention of alcohol-related traffic incidents," said WRAP Chairman John O'Donnell when presenting the award.

The award was presented at WRAP's Annual Luncheon Meeting and WRAPPY Awards event on Oct. 19.

One of the noted accomplishments that led to the award was the department's "Take 30 for Traffic" patrol program, which asked officers to take at least 30 minutes out of their patrol day or night to conduct high-visibility traffic enforcement in high-crime areas. Its efforts to work with neighboring departments to crack down on jurisdiction border locations were also highlighted.

Maj. Peter Eliadis, commander of the Special Operations Division, accepted the award on behalf of the department.