Fellow gun control advocate Piers Morgan of CNN has joined fellow broadcaster Bob Costas of NBC calling for more gun control in America in reaction to an NFL player committing murder-suicide with a handgun.

Thousands of angry gun owners are criticizing Costas after calling for more gun control during last night’s football broadcast on NBC.

“Quite incredible that Bob Costas makes an impassioned plea for less handguns, and Americans go crazy with indignation,” Morgan tweeted. “He’s 100% right.”

The famous British broadcaster continued his argument reminding Americans that “The 2nd amendment was devised with muskets in mind, not high-powered handguns & assault rifles. Fact.”

As furious gun owners responded to Morgan, he marveled at the idea that more guns would actually lead to less shootings.

“Now getting bombarded with furious tweets informing me that MORE handguns in America would mean FEWER gun murders,” he wrote in disbelief. “They mean it, too.”

Morgan was also one of the first prominent media figures to demand more gun control in the wake of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.