A District Heights man who was a pimp for two prostitutes working at a Hilton hotel in Rockville was sentenced Wednesday to 10 1/2 years in prison.

Nahshon Kornegay, 31, was sentenced in Montgomery County Circuit Court. He had been found guilty of human-trafficking, prostitution and drug charges in January, prosecutors said.

Kornegay was arrested in March 2012, after police found two prostitutes who worked for him at the Hilton located at 1750 Rockville Pike, near the Twinbrook Metro station. Because of the hotel's location, the media dubbed Kornegay the "Pimp on the Pike."

According to court papers:

A hotel guest informed Hilton staff on March 22, 2012 that a woman had solicited him for prostitution and given him her phone number. The hotel staff then contacted police, and an officer found an ad on the escort section of backpage.com that advertised a "two girl special" and listed the same phone number given to the hotel guest.

Another police officer then arranged to have an encounter with the two prostitutes listed in the ad and was told to go to the front of the hotel. When one of the prostitutes met the officer, she was apprehended. The woman allowed police to search her hotel room, where they found the second prostitute.

The prostitutes separately told police that Kornegay was their pimp. He would pay for hotel rooms, drive the women from hotel to hotel so that they could engage in prostitution and collect money from the prostitutes after they engaged in sex acts. Police confirmed with hotel staff that Kornegay had rented the room at the Hilton.

One of the prostitutes told police that Kornegay was on his way to the Hilton. While police were collecting and recording evidence at the hotel room, Kornegay and another man showed up. The second male had ecstasy pills on him, and he said that Kornegay gave him the pills to hold onto. Large quantities of drugs were also found in Kornegay's vehicle.

After Kornegay was taken into custody, he acknowledged that the women were using the hotel room for prostitution and that he has received money from the women.