Is the Obama administration planning another public push on gun control?

Vice President Joe Biden plans to meet with gun control activists at the White House this afternoon, according to his schedule.

The meeting is closed to the press.

Last week, Biden signaled in a conference call with gun control activists that the fight was not over.

“Look, I know you’re going to say that I’m just being an optimist and I’m trying to put a good face on this. But, you know, I’ve been around here a long time and we’ve already done, because of you, some really good things,” Biden said, according to Buzzfeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro. “Number one, the president is already lining up some additional executive actions he’s going to be taking later this week.”

After Congress failed to pass a bill expanding background checks for gun purchasers, Obama insisted that he would continue to work on gun control without Congress.

“Even without Congress, my administration will keep doing everything it can to protect more of our communities,” Obama said. “We’re going to address the barriers that prevent states from participating in the existing background check system. We’re going to give law enforcement more information about lost and stolen guns so it can do its job. We’re going to help to put in place emergency plans to protect our children in their schools.”