A recently released report shows the status of operations at Planned Parenthood, and a few important numbers have increased in the last year.

Flush with cash

The provider, whose federal funding source has been threatened by Republicans, saw its revenue increase to $1.35 billion in 2015-2016. The report also indicates that Planned Parenthood relied more on extra-governmental funding than in the previous year.

This would seem to undermine the notion that the abortion group depends on federal taxpayer money for survival.

Nearly 900 abortions per day

Planned Parenthood performed more abortions last year than the year before: 328,348 abortions, up 1.34 percent from last year. Planned Parenthood tries to diminish the role abortion plays in its business, citing the fact that abortion takes up only 3.5 percent of "services" the organization provides.

But as Rich Lowry has pointed out, the number is a "dodge" because it counts an abortion as a medical service in the same way that it counts a pregnancy test.

Minimal Prenatal Care

Though considered by many a leader in women's reproductive health, Planned Parenthood offered little prenatal care as compared with its abortion services.

Last year, it offered a total of 9,419 prenatal services, which is one for every roughly 35 abortions.