Planned Parenthood says the Trump administration’s “disdain” towards women’s health and the LGBTQ community is “clearer than ever” after the Centers for Disease Control was reportedly banned from using certain words in official documents, including '"fetus."

“It’s clearer than ever: this administration has disdained women’s health, LGBTQ people, and science since day one,” the women’s health organization tweeted Friday night.

The Washington Post reported Friday that the CDC was banned from using seven words, including “science-based,” “fetus,” and “transgender,” in official documents related to the the 2019 budget.

In a statement provided to the Washington Examiner, Planned Parenthood’s Dana Singiser said: “This move is reckless, and will put millions of lives in danger."

“It is unimaginably dangerous to forbid the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from speaking about things essential to Americans’ health,” the statement added. “This edict doesn’t just mean a change in vocabulary. It means the Trump-Pence administration is trying to make a radical change in the focus of the entire agency.”

Alison Kelly, a senior leader in the agency’s Office of Financial Services, led the 90-minute meeting about the banned words, but the Post's source said Kelly did not have an explanation for their banishment.