Adrian Grenier is indeed politically involved, but don't call him an activist.

On Tuesday night at an event at the Motion Picture Association of America, the "Entourage" star explained why that term is a no-no. "I'd just like to say we don't look at ourselves at activists, we certainly don't have an agenda," he said at one point. "I would also say the difference is an activist pretends to have the answer and shoves it down your throat," he told MPAA head, former Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., at another.

Grenier and his co-founder Peter Glatzer were in Washington to talk about the short films they've created for their website -- films that highlight sustainable living. "I think we just want to reflect the change that's already happening and it's happening more and more. It's definitely growing and mounting," Grenier continued. Besides partnering with corporations, the duo gets dollars for SHFT by selling stuff on the site, including their very own wine.

Dodd found this particularly interesting. "I don't normally promote wine here," Dodd began, holding up a bottle of "sustainable red." He asked Grenier how they got involved in the wine business. "I like to think of us as cool, hip, modern guys, you know, we're social guys, it sort of fit with our brand," Grenier laughed. "So we think wine is a great way to bring people together. It's a social lubricant that allows people to get a little loose, a little sexy and discover solutions to the troubles of the world."