Clinton adviser Neera Tanden suggested, in a past email leaked by WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman thinks the media is "psychotic." A new email released Sunday shows how Podesta actually feels.

"They are fucking psychotic," Podesta said in response to a Politico report at the end of a July 2015 email chain with Tanden, the first part of which was revealed in a prior WikiLeaks email dump.

In her email that led to Podesta's profane reply, Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress, brought his attention to a Politico article that explores a conservative blogger's view that Podesta was concerned about the "psychosis of the media."

Tanden mentioned how she and Podesta had "discussed how the press is psychotic a million times."

"The press is psychotic!!!" she added, before saying she would tweet about it without actually calling the press psychotic.