Police arrested a Los Angeles man on Friday afternoon on suspicion of calling police and leading them to the home of a 28-year-old Kansas man he falsely claimed was holding his mother and sister hostage, which ultimately led to his shooting death.

Police suspect Tyler Barriss, 25, of making the phone call to police Thursday, according to Reuters. The call followed a verbal dispute between two people playing "Call of Duty," though the address police were given did not appear to connect to the gamers.

Police believe the hoax phone call, which led them to the house where Andrew Finch of Wichita, Kansas, lived, was as an example of “swatting.”

Barriss was being held in a Los Angeles County jail without bond. Mike Lopez, a spokesman for the city, said the 25-year-old wouldn’t appear in court until at least Tuesday.

Wichita police received a call from a man saying he shot his father in the head and was holding members of his family hostage. The caller also said he doused the house in gasoline and wanted to set it on fire.

Police who responded to the call surrounded the house, Wichita Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston said.

Finch appeared at the front door, and Livingston said he “stood in the doorway or just outside that doorway.”

“Officers gave him several verbal commands to put his hands up and walk toward him,” he said.

An officer then shot Finch after he failed to listen to their commands. Livingston said police believed Finch pointed a weapon at them.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Finch was unarmed, and police found that no one had been taken hostage or that anyone was killed.