A Manassas man is accused of breaking into a former girlfriend's home and abducting two Scottish terriers, killing one dog and dumping the other on the side of the road.

Prince William County Police said a homeowner returning to their house Wednesday afternoon found blood throughout the residence. Her two West Highland Terrier, one male and one female, were gone.

Police said the woman's former boyfriend, Khanh Hoang Hong, 44, tied the dogs with duct tape around their legs and mouths and tossed them into a trunk of his car.

The female was placed in a trash bag with her mouth and legs still duct-taped together and dumped her on the side of the road. The trash bag was discovered by a passerby, police said. The terrier was dead.

Hong continued driving with the male dog in the trunk when the dog got free from its restraints and started moving around.

Hong eventually let the male dog go, police said. A motorist found the terrier on the side of the road and took it to an animal hospital. The terrier was treated and returned to his owner.

Hong, who had a romantic relationship with the dogs' owner, was arrested Monday and charged with burglary, felony animal cruelty and grand larceny of animals. He remained held without bond.