Maryland State Police sent a dive team to comb the depths of the Chesapeake Bay in search of a missing woman on Sunday.

Robin L. Pope, 51, has been missing since Friday night, when she showed up at her husband's home in Stevensville, Md. -- just across the bay from Annapolis -- to collect some belongings. Robin Pope and her husband, Wayne A. Pope Jr., separated in December, but Wayne called police when he came come home early Saturday and found his wife's car parked in the driveway, but his wife and his dog, a Great Dane, missing.

Police found Robin Pope's keys, cash, credit cards and purse in her car, and the Great Dane dead on a nearby pier, "with obvious trauma to the upper torso," Maryland State Police said.

The Queen Anne's County sherriff's office turned the case over to Maryland State Police Saturday.

State police divers and a helicopter were brought in to search the bay area Sunday.

Police urge anyone with information on Robin Pope to call 410-758-1101.