"A White-Hispanic-American." That was how the New York Times described George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin killing.

Knowing next to nothing about the case, the Times — along with many other liberal mainstream media outlets — was trying desperately to assign guilt to Zimmerman and make him as "white" as possible in the process.

They did so in order to martyr the young African-American — or "Black-African-American," as now defined by the Times' ludicrous new standard.

Flash forward to the horrific killing of Chris Lane in Oklahoma. Lane — a white Australian of about the same age as Martin — was a student-athlete studying here when he was gunned down while jogging back to campus after visiting the parents of his girlfriend.

Most Americans now know the drill. When the Times and other liberal papers like the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and USA Today go out of their way not to mention the race or skin color of alleged killers, they are almost always young African-American males.

If you read or watched early accounts of this killing in the mainstream media — a murder which should shame all of America — you would have been hard-pressed to know the race or skin-color of the three alleged killers. Or, for that matter, Lane's race and skin color.

People tend to embrace the truth right up until the moment it reflects poorly upon them or their cause. In this case, the truth that most of the mainstream media wants to ignore is that the vast majority of violent crime in this nation is perpetrated by young African-American and Hispanic-American males. Most of it against other young African-American and Hispanic-American males.

The mainstream media could not wait to announce that Martin was a young African-American male, while continually showing an "angelic" picture of him as a 12-year-old instead the more hardened pictures of him at 19.

Regardless of skin color, the killing of Martin was a tragedy. Had I been on that jury, I would have voted to convict Zimmerman for manslaughter.

But the point here is that that politically-correct double-standard the mainstream media uses to describe such crimes is not only injurious to the nation, but it also endangers young African-American and Hispanic-American males who could become victims of other African-American and Hispanic-American males.

If we don't admit and address the disproportionate amount of killings and crime being committed by these young men, we will never understand them nor stop them.

The mainstream media, most African-American leaders — including our "White-African-American" president — and most Democratic politicians — literally spent thousands of our hours trying to exploit Martin's killing for their own gain.

How many hours will they spend mourning the killing of an innocent young man from Australia who was killed because three teenage African-Americans were "bored," racists, or trying to complete a gang initiation?

People Magazine put the 12-year-old Martin on its cover, with the headline, "An American Tragedy."

Will this same People Magazine put Lane on its cover with the headline: "America's Shame?" Doubtful. People Magazine, like almost every other liberal media outlet, politician, and citizen, will try to ignore or soft-peddle a crime that exposes its politically-correct double-standards.

Double-standards which do increase the loss of life in our nation. If you doubt that, ask New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg how many lives will be lost if his fellow liberals succeed in killing "stop and frisk."

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official, and is author of "Rolling Pennies In The Dark" (Simon & Schuster, 2012).