Not surprisingly, this week's "Saturday Night Live" started out with a sketch involving the David Petraeus sex scandal. But it also marked a breakout moment for D.C.'s very own Politics & Prose bookstore, where the skit was set. The cold open brought in "Paula Broadwell," played by Cecily Strong, to read portions of her Petraeus biography "All In," on C-SPAN's BookTV. However, the "All In" on SNL reads a bit more like "Fifty Shades of Grey." What's remarkable about the sketch is how closely it resembles Broadwell's actual appearance at Politics & Prose last February, down to what she wore -- a color-blocked pink and orange top and khaki skirt.

At that appearance, she talked about how she first got in with Petraeus. "We had a chance to go for a run and I asked if I could interview him on the run and I brought a tape recorder," the real Broadwell told the Politics & Prose crowd then. "I could keep up with him on a run and we ended up getting down to ... a six minute mile pace. Needless to say, I didn't transcribe that interview, it didn't really turn out, it was a bunch of heavy breathing."