President Obama has yet to heal the racial divide in America, according to a new poll that found three-quarters of blacks believing that race relations are poor to fair and that 33 percent believe that most Americans are racist.

The poll from Rasmussen Reports found that Americans don't have an “overly optimistic” view of race relations, despite twice electing the nation's first African-American president.

Overall, only 34 percent of American adults rate race relations as good or excellent, while 19 percent consider race relations poor. Thirty-one percent said race relations are getting better, but just as many, 30 percent, say they are getting worse.

And 25 percent believe most Americans are racist.

The numbers are telling when the findings among whites and blacks are compared. For example, 76 percent of blacks said race relations are poor to fair, 61 percent among whites. Among blacks, 33 percent say most Americans are racists, while only 20 percent of whites agree. And when it comes to discussing race relations in the nation, 41 percent of whites believe the issue is discussed “too much,” while 57 percent of blacks said “not enough.”

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