Nearly four in 10 voters silently support President Trump, but don't 'fess up to their friends or pollsters, according to a new survey.

Zogby Analytics found that 38 percent admitted that "even though I tell people I do not approve of Donald Trump, I personally agree with him on certain issues."

Another 53 percent disagreed and 9 percent were "not sure," said the poll, provided to Secrets.

The results both reinforce a view inside the White House that support for Trump is higher than public approval polls show and raise new questions about the accuracy of those same polls if people are not going to tell the truth.

For its part, Zogby Analytics said that Trump's approval is holding steady at 44 percent. Another 53 percent disapprove of his job.

"Does this show the potential for a ‘silent Trump supporter,' or anyway dispute his approval numbers, or reinforce the problem with polling in general in the 2016 presidential election? It's hard to say for certain, but it is worthy of continuing to track and delve into. On the surface, if almost 40 pecent of voters are afraid to tell people they might approve of Trump or agree with his policies, maybe there are some voters who are afraid to tell pollsters they support him in a horserace question, or approve of his job as commander in chief," said the analysis.

"With the entire backlash from certain anti-Trump voters and the continued divisiveness in this country, it's not hard to imagine people being afraid of admitting their support of Trump, even if it's telling a stranger by way of email or telephone. At the moment this is something we will continue to track and keep an eye on," added the poll analysis.

It identified those most prone to be a silent supporter:

Among groups that are more likely to lean Republican or support Trump, they were most likely to agree they do not openly share their support for Trump. Voters who are Republican (58%), NRA members (51%), Veterans/Armed forces (48%), NASCAR fans (54%), voters who earn $50k-$75k annually (51%), and most surprisingly 58% of those who say they sympathize with ANTIFA, all agreed with the idea they tell people they don't approve of Trump but secretly support some of his policies.

See more and the poll methodology here.

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