President Obama finally knows how George W. Bush felt as he lumbered through his second term.

A new Economist/YouGov poll finds that for the first time, more Americans than not don't like Obama.

And independents who helped Obama win reelection have jumped ship. Their numbers should be shocking to the White House. "One year ago, independents were evenly divided on their view of the president, now they are decidedly negative. Today, only 30 percent of independents have an overall favorable view of the president; nearly two in three – 62 percent -- are not," said the poll.

Long a polling category that has carried and elevated his presidency even as his approval numbers have hit rock bottom just 11 months into his second term, Obama's likability is now underwater.

A year ago, when asked if people liked Obama regardless of his policies, 37 percent said yes, 29 percent no. The new poll finds that 34 percent don’t like Obama, while just 30 percent do.

It’s the same on his favorability rating. A year ago 53 percent had a favorable opinion of the president. Today 53 percent have an unfavorable opinion. Among independents, 62 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

And he’s not longer viewed as honest. Some 39 percent said that they would not use the word ‘honest’ to describe Obama, just 26 percent would.

“One quality that the president has lost stature on is his genuineness and his honesty,” said the pollsters. “Now, as he is under attack for the truthfulness of statements he made before the health care law was passed that anyone who liked their current coverage could keep it, fewer are willing to use the word ‘honest to describe him,” they added.

YouGov said the trend has been seen in other doomed presidencies. “Humphrey Taylor, Chairman of The Harris Poll, said of a previous president's second term slide: ‘First voters lose faith in a president's abilities. Then they lose faith in a president's intentions. Then they just lose faith.’ President Obama's slide has all the earmarks.”

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