Sixty-three percent of college graduates believe that the American Dream is dead, leading some to consider moving out of the country, according to a survey conducted by a discount coupon company.

“We all have heard about the ‘American dream’ and we were curious to discover whether or not current graduates were still optimistic about their future,”  said Mark Pearson, chairman of “We were shocked to discover that the majority of the graduates polled believed that the American dream was dead and with increased debt, inability to find work and trouble finding affordable housing, it is no wonder they are quite pessimistic about their future.”

Seventy-one percent of respondents “felt that the difficulty finding jobs in the present day was a contributing factor, while 67% cited problems with debt as a main reason and 53% said being unable get onto the property ladder was an issue.”

President Obama famously appeals to youth voters, but these graduates are pretty pessimistic about his ability to turn things around — ” When asked whether or not they were hopeful for the future, even with the re-election of President Barack Obama, just 39% said ‘yes,’” the company said.

The survey featured 2,101 recent graduates around the country.