A slight majority of Americans favor a new House committee formed to investigate the Benghazi, Libya, terrorist attacks, saying they don't believe all the questions regarding the incident have been answered, according to a new poll.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that 51 percent of respondents approve of the special panel, while 42 percent said the matter has been investigated enough.

Those supporting the new investigation include 72 percent of Republicans, 31 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of political independents.

The survey shows that 58 percent of Americans believe the Obama administration has covered things up and hasn't been honest about what happened, while 32 percent said the White House has been forthcoming. That's a slightly bigger gap than a similar Washington Post-ABC poll last year, when 55 percent of respondents said they believed the administration was withholding information and 33 percent disagreed.

Americans also aren't convinced that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was in charge during the attacks, is blame-free. The poll shows that 50 percent of Americans disapprove of Clinton's handling of the situation, with just 37 percent approving.

House Republican leaders last month created the select committee to investigate the Obama administration's handling of the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks at a diplomatic outpost in Benghazi that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. The 12-member panel includes seven Republicans and five Democrats.

Senate Democrats blocked a similar effort in the upper chamber.