By presidential vacation standards, President Obama has been miserly with his days off, but a new poll finds that most believe he is the Vacationer-in-Chief.

Americans, 44 percent to 34 percent, said the president takes "too much time off," and want his vacation days cut, said the poll.

Be it jealousy or the reduction in employee benefits like vacation time during the recession, the public, now being bombarded with news pictures of Obama golfing in Martha's Vineyard, doesn't appear to like seeing their president taking a break.

YouGov quotes CBS newsman and unofficial presidential historian Mark Knoller's statistics that Obama has taken off just under 100 days since becoming president, or about three weeks a year, far less than former Presidents George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan.

"Twelve years ago, nearly half supported giving a president four or more vacation weeks, while just 30 percent favored two weeks or less. Now, 44 percent want to keep a president's vacation time down to two weeks or less and 43 percent would give a president four weeks or more," said the poll. Just 14 percent said three weeks was fine.

"Back in 1971, only 24 percent thought then-President Richard Nixon took too much time off. Today, the higher percentage saying that about President Obama is driven as much by partisanship as by the actual figures. More than three in four Republicans say the current Democratic incumbent spends too much time on vacation," said YouGov.

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