House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi finally has something to thank Speaker John Boehner for. According to a new poll, the Republican leader has replaced the Democratic leader as the least-liked congressional leader.

"House Speaker John Boehner has now unseated his Democratic predecessor Nancy Pelosi as the least-liked major congressional leader, a title Pelosi has held for several years," said Rasmussen Reports. "Fifty-one percent of likely U.S. voters now view Boehner unfavorably, while 50 percent feel that way about Pelosi. Just 31 percent have a favorable opinion of the Ohio congressman, compared to 37 percent who look favorably on the San Francisco Democrat."

The Friday poll also found that their unfavorable ratings are sky high. "The current speaker and the former speaker are regarded very unfavorably by 23 percent and 39 percent respectively," Rasmussen said, adding: "Pelosi now is only slightly better known than the Republican who took her place early last year. Boehner's overall unfavorables are up seven points from 44 percent in November and represent his worst showing since becoming House speaker."

What's more, 55 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of Boehner, down from 68 percent just a month ago and before the speaker and President Obama began slugging it out over the fiscal cliff.