Conceding that devout Christians are now a minority in America, seven out of 10 Protestant pastors believe that they're losing the nation's culture war and 50 percent of Americans believe Christians are under attack, according to a new poll on religion.

LifeWay Research's poll of 1,001 Americans and 1,007 Protestant pastors revealed that church leaders and regular churchgoers believe they are in the minority and face intolerance and segregation in America for their views from a mainstream populationthat is less religious.

The poll, provided to Secrets by the Congressional Prayer Caucus, is also the first major indication that Christians believe that religious liberty is under attack. Of the 1,001 Americans polled, 55 percent said that religious liberty is on the decline in America. Some 70 percent of Protestant pastors agreed.

An identical number of pastors also said that Christians are losing or have lost the culture war with liberals. Some 59 percent of Americans said that the war is being lost, and another 11 percent said that “Christians have lost the culture war,” typically fought over abortion, gay marriage and even elements of Obamacare.

Meanwhile, Christians feel persecuted for their thoughts, said the poll from LifeWay. Some 50 percent said that they “are increasingly confronted by intolerance in America.” When asked if they are complaining too much about how they are treated, 56 percent said no.

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