A new poll finds President Obama's disapproval rating hitting a record high as the public's concerns over Obamacare persist despite administration claims that it has fixed the botched healthcare.gov website.

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows the president at a 54 percent disapproval rating -- a new high point in their surveys, with 43 percent approving of Obama's performance.

The poll finds health care more than any other issue responsible for Obama’s slide. Fifty-eight percent said Obamacare is the issue that most shaped their views on the president this past year, with the economy at 25 percent and the government shutdown at 23 percent.

The rocky rollout of the health care law has sharply damaged perceptions of Obama’s trust and managerial skills. Thirty-nine percent say Obama holds “strong leadership qualities” -- a 14 point drop from 53 percent in January. Thirty-seven percent say he is honest and trustworthy, down from 47 percent at the start of the year.

Half of all respondents now say the health care law is a bad idea, with only 34 percent calling it good.

Fifty-four percent said Obama’s signature domestic achievement had a negative impact on the nation’s health care system, with 24 percent saying it had a positive impact and 19 percent saying it had no impact.

Fifty-eight percent said the law had no impact on their family, with 27 percent saying it had a negative impact on their family and only 12 percent finding a positive effect.

The administration has sought to pivot to the offense on Obamacare, after a disastrous rollout that saw the healthcare.gov website plagued with technical problems and millions of Americans receiving cancellation notices for coverage plans that no longer met the new law’s regulations.

The White House has said the website is now fixed and has launched a campaign to encourage more Americans to sign up for Obamacare, but the poll highlights the lingering public distrust over the law.

A bright spot for the White House is the even lower ratings given to lawmakers. Seventy-nine percent rated Congress’s year as below average or one of the worst ever, with 20 percent saying Capitol Hill had an average or better year.

The WSJ/NBC News poll surveyed 1,000 adults between Dec. 4 to Dec. 8 and has a 3.1 percent margin of error.