There will be no Republican favorite son in Wisconsin in 2016 if Democrat Hillary Clinton runs, because she would slay Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan, according to a new poll that bolsters growing calls for Clinton to get into the race.

The Public Policy Polling survey of 1,144 registered voters gives Clinton a 50-percent to 45-percent lead over local congressman Ryan and a 51-percent to 44-percent edge over Walker, the state's governor.

“It speaks to the strength of Hillary Clinton that she leads top potential Republican Presidential candidates like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker even in their home state,” said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling.

Republicans have made the state competitive in recent elections, though the last Republican presidential candidate to win Wisconsin in the general election was Ronald Reagan.

Ryan was Mitt Romney's 2012 running mate and is a budget hero in GOP ranks. Walker made headlines beating back a recall attempt and is touted as one of the leading conservative governors seeking the nomination.

But in Wisconsin, Republicans signaled in the PPP poll that they are behind Ryan much more than Walker. Of the Republicans in the poll, Ryan would win with 25 percent, to 21 percent for Walker. All other GOP hopefuls are in single digits.

And a majority of Republicans, 55 percent, want Ryan to run. Only 43 percent want Walker to run, and 42 percent don’t.

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