Republicans should shoulder most of the blame for a government shutdown with no end in sight, according to a new poll released Thursday.

A CBS News survey found that 44 percent blame the GOP for a shutdown now in its third day, while 35 percent say President Obama is most responsible for the gridlock.

At the same time, 72 percent of respondents were against shutting down the federal government over differences surrounding Obamacare.

Obama has refused to negotiate with Republicans on a bill to keep the government funded or a vote to increase the nation’s borrowing limit. White House officials have long argued that Republicans would bear most of the blame for the shutdown, and early polling numbers seem to reinforce that belief.

However, the president is not immune from political blowback.

The longer the government shutdown drags on, the more susceptible the commander-in-chief is to being dinged for appearing weak and ineffective.

And Republicans aren't receiving the same level of blame as they did 17 years ago when the federal government last shut down. In that spat, President Bill Clinton was able to squeeze the impasse in Washington for maximum political gain -- Obama has been unable to do the same thus far.

By comparison, 51 percent of the public blamed Republicans for that shutdown, while just 28 percent thought it was mostly Clinton's fault.