Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., is currently crushing Liz Cheney with a lead of 34 points among likely Republican voters in Wyoming, according to a new Conservative Intel poll conducted by Harper Polling, a GOP firm.

The poll was taken after Cheney announced her primary challenge to Enzi, and once he signaled that he would run for a fourth term.

Both candidates are popular in the state, but Enzi is the clear favorite.

Cheney enjoys a favorability rating of 45 percent, even though she has never run for office in the state before – Enzi enjoys a 76 percent favorable rating.

Although Enzi has kept a low profile in the Senate, 73 percent approve his performance as Senator. Forty-eight percent said that Enzi deserves re-election.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney enjoys a 74 percent favorable rating in the poll.