More than half of Americans think President Trump did the right thing by ordering missile strikes on a Syrian air base following a chemical weapons attack last week.

A CBS News poll showed 57 percent of Americans approve of the strike, but only 18 percent of those polled want to see the strikes followed up with the deployment of American ground troops.

The poll also said 70 percent of people want Trump to go to Congress for approval before taking further military action in Syria.

Trump's job approval rating went up to 43 percent in the wake of the attack.

Trump ordered 59 cruise missiles to be fired at a base in central Syria last week after U.S. intelligence concluded Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. About 100 people died in the chemical weapons attack and hundreds more were injured. About six Syrians died in the missile strike ordered by Trump, which were fired from American vessels in the Mediterranean Sea.

The poll reported most Americans believe the use of chemical weapons to be immoral, which is why they supported Trump's strike.

The telephone-based poll was conducted between April 7-9 among a random sample of 1,006 adults nationwide and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.