Maybe the Democrats and President Obama are right that the GOP’s recent focus on abortion and birth control is turning off voters.

The changes are slight, but over several key abortion questions, Rasmussen Polls has found that voters are less damning of abortion, an issue that played a role in the GOP presidential primaries and the recent flare-up over demands that Catholic institutions provide birth control health insurance coverage despite their moral opposition.

In one key finding from an April 16-17 poll, Rasmussen found that 47 percent of likely voters believe abortion is morally wrong, a 6 percent drop in just four months. That’s an all-time law, said Rasmussen.

“This marks the first time fewer than half of the nation’s voters regard the practice as morally wrong in most cases in regular surveying since April 2007. In January, for example, 53% considered abortion to be morally wrong most of the time,” said the pollster.

Those describing themselves as “pro-life,” also dipped, from 43 percent in January to 40 percent now, with 51 percent currently calling themselves “pro-choice.” Of likely women voters, 50 percent are pro-choice, 39 percent pro-life.